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Fair and Sustainable Gua Sha Massage Tools: Application and Tips [Video]

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
Faire und nachhaltige Gua Sha Massage Tools: Anwendung und Tipps [Video]

Surely you know some of these situations: You are stressed, you grind at night, your jaw or your entire facial muscles are tense.

In this video we show you how you can release your tension with the fair Gua Sha Mindful or with the fascia figure Moment of Peace . You will also learn why the massage tools are fair and how we came to develop them.

Lara Schimweg

About the authors

Lara Schimweg is the founder of Xeno . She studied sports science and health research and is a trained health worker. Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

Lukas Böhnlein is co-founder of Xeno. He has worked in the media sector for a number of years. Luke has a very sensitive scalp.

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