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Facial oils not working? It could work with this new oil

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
Gesichtsöle funktionieren nicht? Mit diesem neuen Öl könnte es klappen

Human Glow: An oil for people who cannot tolerate oil

Do you also not tolerate facial oils because they cause pimples and redness? Do you still secretly dream of pampering your skin with an oil? Then here is your chance for a new start when it comes to oils: The new Xeno Human Glow facial oil is not a typical vegetable oil - and somehow it is. Human Glow is available now.

There are also two new massage tools: Fair made in Germany and made of ceramic.

Mindful: A fair ceramic Gua Sha

Unfortunately, the typical Gua Sha stones are made under catastrophic conditions. Some stones are mined in mines that are not secured and therefore sometimes collapse. Since the supply chains are not transparent, it is not possible to find out exactly where the stones come from, whether they are genuine and whether they were mined and manufactured with child labor.

We don't want to support that.

Therefore, our Mindful Gua Sha fair is made of ceramic in Germany. Make Gua Sha production fairer with us!

Moment of Peace: A massage tool that is particularly suitable for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and rosacea often react to pressure with permanent redness or dilated vessels and bleeding. Therefore, Gua Shas are not so well suited for massaging very sensitive skin areas. That's why we developed Moment of Peace . The tool looks like a small figure. It has no hard edges. With this figure, you can control the pressure on your cheeks more specifically, loosening your fascia and gently supporting the lymphatic drainage.

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