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Decide with us: Develop new products with us that make a difference

Posted by Xeno Team on
Entscheide mit: Entwickle mit uns neue Produkte, die einen Unterschied machen

Maybe it's time you decide for yourself what you want. Together we can develop products that we, the people out there, really want to use. There are enough brands that claim to have eaten wisdom with spoons. That's why we have overflowing shelves with products that hardly differ and aren't necessarily good for your skin.

Have you ever thought about what your favorite serum might look like? One you love because it has what your skin really craves?

Right from the start we develop the Xeno products together with you. At the beginning we got feedback and over time we let you participate more and more in the creation process of the products. We want skin care and cosmetic products to really meet your needs. We don't believe in prescribed must-haves.

That's why today we're opening the Xeno community. This is the next logical step on this path. So far we have communicated via e-mail, messenger or on Instagram . Now we are bundling the exchange on the new community platform. There are groups on different topics that you can join.

Here you come to the Xeno Community. Send and a request. We will then invite some of you. If you are not invited immediately, you may receive an invitation later.

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  • Xeno on

    Hallo Sveda,
    danke dir. Hast du dich schon für die Community beworben? Dort kannst du solche Ideen mit anderen besprechen und wir sehen, ob noch andere so ein Produkt wünschen. Kennst du unser Serum-Spray? Das ist sehr beruhigend.

  • Sevda on

    Hallo liebes Team, ich würde mich mega über ein Tanning Water oder Tanning Spray für das Gesicht freuen. Als Inspiration hätte ich da zwei Produkte (ein Tanning Water und ein Spray) die ich super toll finde, fände es nur toll wenn es so etwas ähnliches in besser verträglich gäbe. Und ein rein beruhigendes Serum wäre auch toll 😍 Freue mich☺️

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