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Terms and Conditions for the Xeno® Affiliate Program


This English version is only a translation. Legally valid is only the German version of this page.

1. Description of the program

It's about the affiliate program for the website . As part of this program, Xeno GmbH (hereinafter "Xeno ® ") provides advertising material/links that the partner integrates on his/her website so that users of the partner site can access the Xeno ® website. Partners can receive commissions in return.


§ 1 Registration / examination of the application

(1) Natural persons over the age of 18 or legal persons who operate a website are entitled to participate.

(2) The website must not contain the following content and must not link to it:

  • Content prohibited under German law

  • Radicalism, extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia

  • Violence or the glorification of violence in any form

  • pornography

  • gambling

  • Information that can endanger the health of visitors

(3) The website must be designed in such a way that it cannot be confused with the Xeno ® websites. The impression must not be given that there is a connection between the websites that goes beyond this partner program.

(4) The application is checked by Xeno ® at its own discretion. An application can be rejected without justification. Among other things, Xeno ® can take into account the thematic environment of the website.

§ 2 Obligations of the partners

(1) Xeno ® provides a platform for creating affiliate links and various advertising materials at .

(2) The correct technical integration is the responsibility of the partners. Unauthorized redesign of the advertising materials is expressly prohibited.

(3) The users of the partner's website must actively click, forced clicks are not permitted.

§ 3 Prohibited advertising measures

(1) The partners are prohibited from booking advertising space in search engines or paid advertisements, e.g. B. Google AdWords or sponsored links related to Xeno ® and the product range of the company. Add-ons, iframes, layers, postview tracking, pop-ups and pop-unders, and direct forwarding are also prohibited.

(2) Keyword advertising and targeting are only possible after prior consultation with Xeno ® .

(3) Xeno ® operates advertisements itself. Partners are free to book other keywords and participate in other partner programs.

(4) Participation in adware networks is prohibited.

(5) Tell a friend is not permitted (!) Use of the affiliate program in email marketing is generally not permitted.

(6) Partners may not carry out their own advertising measures in the name of Xeno ® .

(7) Partners may not make any untrue or exaggerated advertising statements about Xeno ® products.

§ 4 Revisiting & Last Cookie Wins

(1) A user who accesses the Xeno ® website via a partner remains assigned to the respective partner for 30 days through cookies. Each visit by a visitor restarts the 30-day period.

(2) If the visitor(s) is referred to a partner site via another partner, the last cookie wins model applies, i.e. the 30-day period expires and the new, last mediating partner receives the commission.

§ 5 Commission

(1) Xeno ® pays the partner a commission of 10% on the "net sales actually generated" according to the "click per sale" procedure.

(2) "Actually generated net sales" are income that Xeno ® achieves during the contract period from the sale of goods in its own name. The basis for calculation is the net selling price of the product actually invoiced by Xeno ® . The price must be paid in full by the customer, amounts refunded to customers through complaints or vouchers are not part of the "actual net sales generated". Other service prices that may apply, such as shipping or handling costs, are also not part of "actual net sales generated".

§ 6 Payment

(1) Payments are only made to partners with a specified valid PayPal account.

(2) A payment is made monthly from a minimum amount of 10 euros.

(3) There is no entitlement to automatic payment.

(4) Balances on the accounts do not earn interest. Fees for foreign transfers are offset against the credits.

(5) Xeno ® reserves the right not to pay out any credit if the partner is suspected of fraud or has violated these conditions of participation.

§ 7 Termination of the contractual relationship

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either party without notice. After receipt of the cancellation, accumulated commissions will only be paid for the period before the cancellation.

The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected by this, especially in the event of a breach of these conditions of participation. In this case, the partner is not entitled to payment of the commission earned up to that point.

After termination (regardless of who terminated the contract), the partner must remove the advertising material from its website immediately.