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Join the Xeno ® community and help develop new products

You are an expert on your skin. You know best how your skin care should feel, which ingredients are good for you and which are not. That's why we develop our products together with you. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to our previous products.
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So far we have exchanged with you via Instagram , WhatsApp, email or telephone. It got pretty confusing over time. That is why we are now opening the Xeno ® Community - a digital platform for mutual exchange:



  • Share your wishes
  • Give feedback on someone else's ideas or ours
  • Find out about new products before they launch
  • Test products before launch and give feedback
  • Exchange ideas with other Xeno ® customers
  • You can contribute as much as you want to create the best natural cosmetics.

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Apply here for the Xeno ® Community

At the beginning we only open the community to a few interested people. With the initial confinement, we want to ensure that there is an intimate, protected space where you can feel comfortable. Bit by bit we will probably open more rooms and gradually invite more interested parties. We are also inviting a few selected journalists right from the start so that the world can hear about it. Because this is the only way we can change the way of thinking in the beauty industry together.

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If you would like to help develop our products, please fill out the form here and tell us a little bit about why you would like to be part of the community.

By registering in the community, you agree to our terms of use and the special data protection declaration.