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Xeno® Community

Join the Xeno ® community and help develop new products

You are an expert for your skin. You know best what your skin care should feel like, which ingredients are good for you and which are not. That's why we develop our products together with you. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to our previous products.
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We have discontinued the community platform in its current form because we have found that it is easier for you to be in contact with us via social media.

More information will follow here soon on how you can get in touch with us, how you can test products in advance, etc.

  • Share your wishes
  • Give feedback on other people's ideas or ours
  • Find out about new products before they launch
  • Test products before launch and give feedback
  • Exchange ideas with other Xeno ® customers
  • You can get involved as much as you want to create the best natural cosmetics.


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