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About Xeno

About Xeno | The Ⅹ-Xeno Maxims | xeno team

Skin care for sensitive skin by people with sensitive skin

What do we do?

Less is more. Minimalist, biodegradable natural cosmetics for sensitive skin. We make skin care far away from the beauty industry. Because we really understand sensitive skin. Our skin care is naturally adjusted to your skin's pH level, so it's always soothed. No essential oils, synthetic fragrances, drying alcohols or other irritants. That doesn't go into our crucibles.

Why are we doing it?

Dear beauty industry...

Oh honestly, we are so fed up with sensitive skin having to make one bad purchase after the next.

Why are you launching product after product with so many irritating ingredients in it?

Do you really know what it's like to have sensitive skin? Allergies, skin irritations… Probably not.

Or would you otherwise have drying alcohol in your products? With dyes and fragrances and other allergy-causing substances. Whether natural or synthetic. That will not do. Just let it be.

And then your greenwashing: Not with us!

If you want to sell nature, please be honest. Incidentally, it is also possible to formulate natural cosmetics with low irritation. There should be many more of these so that sensitive skin also has a sustainable choice.

We're tired of our humanity being mixed together like run-of-the-mill cake mix and then poured into a mold to be standardly baked.

But WE are all so different, And hey, among all the people there are also us with sensitive skin. We show ourselves from the most sensitive side and you come at us harshly.

And there is more than beauty. How about friendship, love, community, culture... the colourful, diverse life out there that needs to be enjoyed. And so that we feel heard and in good hands, we only wish for a few mild, natural products.


Oh, and sensitive skin can be female, male, diverse, or whatever. Because it doesn't matter. Skin is just skin.

Love love  Beauty industry please understand that there is no difference between male and female skin care.