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Philosophy: The Ⅹ-Xeno® maxims

About Xeno | The Ⅹ-Xeno Maxims | xeno team Xeno philosophy

We founded Xeno to change the beauty industry. For everything we do, we have therefore set up the 10 Xeno maxims.


. Serenity in front of every reflection

Our vision is "calm in front of every reflection" because we believe that the tightness and superficiality of the beauty industry keeps us small. Cosmetics advertising devalues ​​us as human beings and ensures that our self-esteem is kept low. We are given the impression that we would not be able to cope without certain anti-wrinkle creams.

We think that a radical rethinking of the beauty industry is necessary.

We are committed to a positive image of people. Your worth as a person does not depend on how you look. Of course, skin problems are annoying and they can also hurt. Internally and externally. It's great if you want to take care of yourself. But do it for yourself and don't let anyone tell you that you're worth less.

You are a free person. That's why we never tell you what to do. Only you can decide how you want to be: If you want to get out of the bathroom quickly in the morning without worrying about beauty and your make-up: Go for it. If you're someone who sees makeup as art, fun, relaxation or just problem-solving, go for it too. Why should anyone care?

. Natural cosmetics - as natural as the skin

For us, real natural cosmetics don't just mean using natural ingredients that are biodegradable. For us, natural cosmetics should also be based on the natural structure of the skin. The skin copes best with the substances from which it is made. This may be boring, but it's the most natural thing we can do.

We look at how the skin is structured and how the skin naturally protects itself. We transfer that to the products.

That is why all our products are adapted to the natural pH of the skin. We use fats and emulsifiers that occur naturally in the skin. For example, we use plant-based squalane in our creams. This is a building block of your skin and therefore much more compatible than conventional vegetable oils. Squalane is much better at retaining moisture in the skin. We use moisturizers that are naturally found in the skin, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Whenever possible, we use probiotic ingredients that support the skin's microbiome.

In conventional natural cosmetics, plants are usually picked from nature without thinking about whether it makes sense for our skin at all. We like plants - but not all plants belong on the face: Our products are 100% natural cosmetics. But we only use ingredients that the skin can use well.

. No irritating ingredients

We believe that skin care should be there to nourish the skin, i.e. to keep it healthy. Of course there are people with insensitive skin who can tolerate almost anything. If you are one of them: Rejoice. You probably don't need much skin care unless you want to optimize your skin, see the topic of serenity above. Every skin is different and many people therefore do not tolerate certain ingredients. And even healthy, insensitive skin can be made sensitive by substances such as essential oils or by too many active ingredients . That is why we do not believe that cosmetics should contain any irritating or irritating ingredients.

. co-creation

Who actually says what's trending? The advertising? beauty magazines? We think it's time that you can help decide for yourself. At Xeno you decide. Because we are convinced that everyone can contribute something meaningful.

There are enough brands that claim to have eaten wisdom with spoons. They determine what should be good for our skin and which colors suit us.

In the Xeno Community Platform you can exchange ideas with other people who also have sensitive skin or skin problems. It's a space where you can be as vulnerable as you want. And together we develop solutions that work for you.

How we want to improve: We would like to help those who are sometimes still a little shy to get more involved in product development. To do this, we have to make it even clearer that you can't go wrong with us.

Ⅴ. Transparent and honest

Never blindly trust what brands claim. And please not us either. Unfortunately, the marketing that some do is anything but honest.

So that you can make a well-considered decision, we aim to be as transparent as possible for you. We translate the ingredients for you and explain what they do in your skin.

We tell you honestly what you can expect from our products - but also what they cannot.

We do not use any ingredients that disguise anything or simulate an effect. Some brands use dyes or mica in their skin care products to simulate an effect.

We don't advertise with claims like "no preservatives" although we are allowed to. We find that dishonest. We use mild, well-tolerated preservatives that also have positive effects on the skin. Preservation is important. And claims like "no preservatives" are scary. And we don't want to scare you about harmless ingredients.

You won't find before and after photos with us, as so many anti-acne and beauty brands use. Because if you take a closer look at these photos, you will see that the light is always played with a bit so that the after photo looks more successful. We find this type of marketing dishonest and pejorative. Man is thus reduced to his supposed flaws. And we all know that our skin is in a better mood one day and worse off the next. Skin is a living organ. You decide if the products work for you. By listening to your skin and doing what it tells you, you will be more successful.

We don't use filters on Instagram. Even if that means that there will be a pimple, redness or inflammation. Good this way! Because if we all get too used to these filters, then in reality we will soon no longer be able to cope with our real skin. And depending on the skin type, it has pores, can be more textured, has reddening or an allergic reaction because the pollen is on the loose outside.

Our prices are calculated as they are. Everyone pays the same. We don't add anything to hand out discounts. Every year on Black Friday we double the prices to draw attention to unnecessary consumption. Even if some brands will rush past us: We have clear values ​​and we couldn't stand behind them if our products are suddenly sold overpriced just so that discounts are possible. Either we suit your skin or we don't.

So don't let anyone tell you more when it is claimed that a product clears pimples overnight, penetrates into the lowest layer of skin or that a supposed miracle cure like rose water helps with everything. It's just not honest.

Ⅵ. Consistent

We companies bear a very large responsibility for our planet and our common future. Otherwise we as humanity will run out of time on earth. And it shouldn't get any hotter here. Hopefully we can all agree on that.

We are not perfect yet and we are well aware of that. We want to constantly improve and look forward to all your suggestions and ideas. Because only together can we stop climate change. Incidentally, our opinion is not that one person does everything 100% perfectly, but that a lot of people do a little more together. Right from the start, we set out to think sustainably.

It starts with product development in the community, because we develop products together with you the way you want them to be. This means there are no throwaway products. We reduce packaging and plastic wherever possible.

We prefer to address directly what is not working so well than to calm our conscience and plant a few trees. Because not every project really makes sense. Even just donating without a reason and thinking about it is too simple for us. We want to know that what we do also has a positive effect and is not just a facade.

For us, the whole issue of sustainability begins with the question: do I really need it? Because fewer products in the bathroom that work well together are much more sustainable than a routine that is bursting at the seams.

Xeno products ensure that people buy fewer cosmetic products . That's why we don't want to create any artificial demand. That's why we don't do any discount campaigns and don't seduce you with fragrances and other marketing tricks.

We also do without essential oils because they can irritate the skin and cause problems for microorganisms in the water. We rely on the skin's own natural emulsifiers, which can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner. These are completely broken down by the skin itself because they are skin-specific. And they are also biodegradable for the environment.

Our products are vegan. This reduces Co2 emissions. We rely on 100% natural cosmetics. We do not use mineral oil, silicone or microplastics. Wherever it is possible for us to do without plastic, we do it.

In general, we want to use resources as sparingly as possible. That's why we don't have any outer packaging. You can find all the necessary information on the label. You can find everything else online. No trees have to be felled for this. We offer mini sizes of our products, although we don't earn anything from it and sometimes make minus with it, so that you have as few wrong purchases as possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad buys, especially with sensitive skin. It doesn't have to be.

How we want to improve: We are looking for more resource-saving packaging and an alternative to our plastic lids. One idea would be a refill system. We are very open to your suggestions. We also want to be completely climate neutral.

Ⅶ. minimalistic

Life is full of possibilities that sometimes we can't decide between. The oversupply of possibilities is sometimes so overwhelming that it may have even stressed you out? You feel free to choose - but not free to make a decision.

You can counteract this with a little more minimalism. You make the decision. Not the advertising that constantly wants to seduce you, with whatever campaigns I know.

Few very good products instead of "a lotion here and a serum there". Minimalism is also healthier for your skin and your head because you can finally calm down. When it comes to skin care, relax and take it easy. Now you can put all that wonderful energy into other things that can change our world.

You don't need a bunch of serums and treatments. But well thought-out basics that can really do something. Whenever possible, our products have multiple uses. So you don't need an additional eye cream or a microbiome serum. If you have special skin problems, you can of course combine products. But there, too, less is more.

Minimalism is kind to your skin, the environment and your wallet. And makes you calm in your head - that's maybe the most important point.

Your skin care is now easy peasy. All products fit together, understand each other. No more fear of creating a mixture that is too strong for your own skin.

Where we want to improve: It sounds paradoxical: products are still missing for more minimalism in the bathroom so that you can replace other products. And a bit more clarification: Unfortunately, products that look simple are sometimes not given that much credit.

Ⅷ. No animal suffering

We think that no animal should suffer for cosmetics anymore. It is simply unnecessary to experiment on animals just to make us humans look better and prettier. It's a bit decadent and superficial.

Also, there are enough study results on a lot of ingredients to show what really works and what doesn't. And there are good alternatives to animal testing.

We will not test on animals in the future and will not sell to countries (including in the future) that require animal testing.

And of course our products are vegan. While there are animal ingredients that can also be beneficial for our skin. But let's be honest: There are enough plant or mineral substances that are just as good. And if a subject cannot be translated 1 to 1, then we just have to make an effort and get creative. For example, we use plant-based squalane, obtained from olives or sugar cane, instead of shark liver. That's right, we were also shocked that something this perverse really still exists.


Wall that says "#leave no one behind"

Ⅸ. Respectful and inclusive

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, origin, skin color or state of health... That's why we're called Xeno, which means something like "guest" or "foreign".

There's no reason to segregate skincare or makeup by gender. skin is skin

Many brands exclude people with sensitive skin, arguing that most people can tolerate fragrance, alcohol, or other irritating ingredients. That's true - just like most people don't have a problem with animal hair, pollen or lactose and can climb stairs, see and hear.

It is important to us to ensure maximum compatibility so that we don't leave anyone out.

How we want to improve: We want to focus more on making the online shop completely barrier-free. We are also looking for better opportunities for gendering: On the one hand, we want to address everyone - on the other hand, the language sometimes becomes incomprehensible and again excludes people, because people without gender are completely missing. But as we all know, language is changing: so hopefully there will still be a lot going on in this area as well.

Ⅹ. No beauty and marketing bullshit

We are strangers in the beauty business. It's not about serving any beauty ideals or even promoting inferiority complexes for a quick profit. Of course, we also make an effort to present our products in a good light. But we don't believe in manipulative tricks like discounts, fear marketing (fearmongering), seductive scents, bought reviews, etc. How many brands have you seen with slogans like "chemical free", "no fuss" or "for sensitive skin". advertise and can't keep their promise?