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holistic organic skincare for sensitive or stressed skin

skin-identical, with compatible active ingredients, without fragrances

You are more than your skin!

Never forget this

Highly Recommended

I've never had a cleanser like this before!

The name says it all. My rosacea skin is really bitchy and doesn't like anything!!! Especially with all the cleansers that are on the market, I was completely overwhelmed and there was nothing that worked for my skin. But this one feels sooo good and he gets everything down too. My skin feels well-groomed afterwards and doesn't react with redness.

I have rosacea with a tendency to acne in the T-zone and consequently enlarged pores. I use Lean Back (...) and my skin is much more balanced and less greasy during the day. Also the positions
who are very plagued by rosacea are less tense. (...) Finally you can watch it
and does not have to stop after a week because the ingredients too
are potent. Thank you!

I am delighted with the serum roller . Apply once and the next
Day, the redness or the pimple is already significantly reduced (or
also completely gone). Great love ❤️ You have developed a great product there

By far the best natural cosmetics on the market! I became aware of this company through a friend and was allowed to try the cream : the ingredients are absolutely superb, the compatibility is guaranteed and MaskAkne disappeared overnight!

Since I've been using the serum spray , there's nothing more from the toner/serum area that comes close to it. It provides great moisture, I tolerate it very well with my oily rosacea combination skin and have largely got my redness under control since using the spray - really great.

You notice which ingredients are actually not necessary... In addition, the minimalist glass packaging also fits very well.

I've tried a lot, including natural cosmetics , but nothing really convinced me right away. I hope the composition never changes, the cream is perfect! In any case, I have found my care and from now on nothing else will touch my skin!

I have very demanding skin, am red-haired and have a lot of freckles in summer, but my skin likes the cream and looks very happy without any new redness.