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Tea Break – Essence for itching, stressed & over-treated skin

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Black tea essence

  • Breaks the cycle of itching, sores, infection and inflammation
  • With practical spray head
  • without fragrances

Key ingredients

  • Organic black tea

Suitable at

Well-known home remedy as a modern skin care product

Are you running out of skincare products right now? Or does your skin even react to skin care? Does it itch, sting and burn? Does your skin already feel stressed when you wake up? Perhaps because of the itching, you scratch yourself, resulting in scaly, easily weeping sores and blisters?

Apparently nothing has so far calmed your stressed skin in the long term: Whether plant hydrolates, such as birch water or active ingredient serums. Moisturizing serums with hyaluronic acid & co do not help against itching and stress on your skin - maybe even the opposite.

If this is the case, your skin is very stressed or maybe even over-treated.

Have you heard of the positive effects of black tea or have you already tried it? Black tea is an inconspicuous all-rounder. So that you don't have to freshly brew black tea every day and let it cool down, we have transformed a well-known household remedy into a modern, effective skin care product with Tea Break. The Essence is fresh, bottled, mildly preserved and therefore ready for use at any time. In addition, the pH value of 5.5 is adjusted to the natural skin, so that your natural protective acid mantle is preserved.

Black tea contains natural tannins that reduce itching and at the same time have a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. This is important because itching is the starting point of the vicious circle that needs to be broken.

Itching makes us scratch more. This creates wounds. These are portals of entry for pathogens, so that wounds can become infected and inflamed. This increases the itching.

Tea Break helps to break this cycle in three places:

  • Black tea reduces the itching significantly
  • Catechins and flavanoids from black tea prevent new infections on the weakened skin
  • Antioxidants and tannins inhibit inflammation and have a decongestant effect

Break the vicious cycle now and calm the itching so that your skin has time to regenerate.

Tea Break's former name was Tea Time. We changed the name and added a spray head to the product.

Tea Break is suitable for cosmetic care

Over-treated skin (perioral dermatitis) (show more)

Perioral dermatitis should never be over-moisturized to avoid further swelling of the skin. Tea Time does not overwhelm or overmoist your skin . Instead, the organic black tea protects you from further environmental stress with natural antioxidants. Black tea is considered the only remedy that makes sense in zero therapy (excluding prescription products).

If your skin often tends to perioral dermatitis, you can prevent it with a short break in between - a "tea time". At Xeno we follow the motto "less is more", but sometimes you with sensitive skin need solutions to an acute problem. In this case, an extra product can be useful. In this case, Tea Time does not overwhelm your skin and still has a targeted effect.

Neurodermatitis with itchy eczema (show more)

Tea Time helps against itching in the face, neck and body (e.g. inner elbows, back of the knees). Black tea reduces itching and the tannins it contains have a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. This gives your skin the chance to regenerate.

Acute contact allergic reactions and hives (show more)

Pollen and other allergens can lead to acutely itchy areas on the skin. Black tea reduces itching and provides the skin with antioxidants to combat environmental stress.

Itchy Scalp (show more)

Hair tonics or scalp serums often contain essential oils or many unnecessary active ingredients. Others have a swelling effect and make the hair porous and brittle. Too much fat from hair oils can also promote fungal growth in seborrheic eczema . Tea Time does not overhydrate, is fat-free , reduces unpleasant itching and does not contain any irritating substances.

Inflammation-related flushing, for example in rosacea/couperosis (show more)

In an acute flush, black tea inhibits redness and inflammation and has a calming effect on stressed skin.

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effect / function
Black Tea (Organic)
relieves itching, anti-inflammatory, prevents new infections
salt of levulinic acid
Mild preservative
potassium salt
Mild preservative
citric acid
regulates the pH value

In the case of perioral dermatitis , only use this essence for at least 4 weeks and no other skin care products (unless a dermatologist has prescribed something else for you).

For all other acute problems associated with skin stress and itching, you can integrate the essence into your routine as the first step before your creams or apply it pure to the scalp

With the Xeno ® products you don't need to worry that they contain irritating ingredients. Xeno ® skin care is made from 100% natural cosmetics and is based entirely on the natural properties of the skin. That's why you won't find any irritating ingredients here, such as essential oils and other fragrances, because these can cause contact allergies and irritation. You will also not find any drying alcohols or other aggressive substances here, because your healthy skin is always important to us.

You can therefore also use all Xeno ® products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

So do not worry.

Xeno® skin care products are handcrafted from natural ingredients. As a result, the texture and appearance of the products may vary slightly. This does not affect the quality.

The appearance of the packaging may vary slightly from the photos.

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