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Sun protection guide for sensitive skin

Sun protection is particularly important for sensitive skin

I've been working on a sun protection guide for sensitive skin for a long time. I have tested many sunscreens for you over the past few years, checked the ingredients and looked at their performance with and without make-up. The result is a list of 23 sunscreens that are worth taking a closer look at. You probably don't know some sunscreens yet. The list may help you to find the right sun protection according to your personal criteria.

Now the sun protection guide is ready - suitable for the sun protection day.

This is what awaits you in the sun protection guide

  • 36 pages full of information
  • Sun protection myths cleared up
  • Information on the various UV filters
  • Tips and tricks for sensitive skin
  • 23 sunscreens for sensitive skin
  • 7 lip balms with SPF
  • 4 powders with SPF to refresh
>Xeno Sonnenschutz Guide für empfindliche Haut

You get the guide for free. Simply enter below and you will receive a link to download the PDF.

I hope you can take a lot with you and find some sunscreen for your routine.

Laura :)

Founder of Xeno

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