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Lara: Why I founded Xeno®

Lara Schimweg


Ever since I was young I have always suspected that I have sensitive skin. I also bring everything that is needed. A family in which allergies are piling up and it also hit me when I was young: first a bit of hay fever and watery eyes, then even more grass and plant allergies. My body also likes to exclude food. When I was young I had a few skin rashes from time to time. And I didn't necessarily tolerate every cream. As a precaution, I only bought products for sensitive skin. Often in the pharmacy, sometimes in the drugstore.

That's probably why I never liked the image of the beauty industry or perfumeries, which always wanted to sell you all sorts of scented products. In my opinion, a minimalistic make-up look went very well with my minimal, non-irritating skin care routine. Accents with lipstick in rosewood tones or classic red have been my passion for years.

it was probably no wonder that I was interested in natural products at an early age. That made sense to me at the time. Natural products, natural look: that fits and then natural cosmetics must be better for the skin.

But when I looked at the ingredients, I almost blacked out at the time. Since I worked professionally in the health sector, I was shocked that the natural cosmetics market in particular had so many attractive products to offer. Despite sensitive skin and rosacea, I wanted to try it and hoped it would work. And as I suspected before, things went really wrong: one of the creams was too greasy for my skin and I got deposits and my skin turned bright red from the heat build-up. I checked that it didn't contain too many irritating substances and that it was formulated more lightly. The next product gave me a rash. No idea which exotic extract caused this? And so it went on and on. I was frustrated, disappointed and angry.

Living with sensitive skin.

During the whole time I then dealt more and more deeply with the ingredients and their effects. After trying around a bit more here and there, my closet was now full of products I couldn't use. A real dead end. I was most disappointed with products that appeared to be particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Of course, no product can always work perfectly for every skin type. But irritating ingredients and strong allergens have no place in skincare for sensitive skin . I too fell for the magic of this old nut. I won't soon forget the witch hazel water rash. Just like the irritated, red skin after trying organic rose water. Here's why rose water isn't good for your skin .

And there I was. I just wanted natural, effective skincare that I could trust.

I just didn't want to go back to conventional products. In the meantime, I had also made my life more sustainable in other ways: second-hand, less consumption, cruelty-free, vegan make-up, etc. And I couldn't let the beauty industry want to thwart my plans.

So I did it my way: To put my bathroom cabinet back in control, I developed natural products myself. Xeno ® is everything I ever wanted to be. Skin care with low-irritant, effective, natural ingredients, no dishonest marketing, a brand that knows the feeling of living with sensitive skin.