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What to do when skin care no longer works?

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
Was tun, wenn die Hautpflege nicht mehr wirkt?

There can be many reasons why your skin care isn't working anymore

Maybe you know this: It seems to you that your skin care is no longer working properly? Now you might be thinking of switching up your skincare products? Would you like to integrate a few new active ingredients into your routine to get things going again?
Before you change everything: ask yourself how your skin feels right now. Is she really as bad as you think?

A change makes sense in any case if your skin is very red, inflamed or more sensitive than usual. If you clearly see that you do not tolerate one or the other product, exclude it from your routine.

However, it is not recommended to change your skin care routine every few weeks. The skin needs about 4-6 weeks to get used to a new product. During this time, your old care routine may still have an indirect effect. For example, it could be that your skin has gotten pimples due to the wrong care for your skin type. If you now change your products, the pimples can stay for a while even though you are no longer using the wrong products. So if you use a new cream every few weeks, you are not giving your skin the chance to get back into its natural balance. You should only discontinue new products immediately if you have an allergic reaction or intolerance.

If your routine is very consistent and you still feel like your products aren't working anymore, it could be for one of the following reasons.

Has your skin condition changed?

Hormonal changes, environmental influences, stress, changed eating habits, weather changes, colds - there are many reasons why your skin can change. Women often have one or two pimples before menstruation. Shortly before the bleeding, the hormones are in a different ratio than usual. And a particularly hot summer, increased everyday stress or a change in diet can also have an impact on your skin. React now to the needs of your skin and try to find out what it is missing. However, radical changes are exaggerated here. You don't necessarily have to find a new routine. It makes a lot more sense now that you look for specific supplements such as an extra moisturizer or facial oil if your skin has become a bit drier. In the same way, it can also make sense to omit individual products.

Even minimalistic DIY masks can soothe your skin when it's changing. In any case, observe the condition of your skin and see whether the change remains or whether it returns to its original condition. If your skin is permanently stressed and you cannot identify any particular cause, it may make sense to readjust your skin care products to your current skin condition. Major changes are usually not necessary if your skin has changed just a little.

Has your skincare formula changed?

Sometimes manufacturers change the formulations of cosmetic products. This is usually not noticeable, as only a few ingredients change. The packaging doesn't necessarily change otherwise. If you have the feeling that a product no longer works, take a look to see if the ingredients have stayed the same. It is helpful if you have the old packaging or a photo of it.

Is your skincare routine incomplete?

Do you remember very well how much your skin improved when you started using that new moisturizer or special serum? Perhaps your skin quickly softened and felt transformed. But now it's like nothing's getting any better. Maybe even the opposite? Your skin is smooth but feels dry and strange?

There are many such instant effect products on the market. They iron the skin smooth. The effect is short term. They are not really nourishing: They do not provide your skin with enough moisture and do not soothe it in the long term.

Depending on the condition of your skin, such products can certainly cause your skin to improve quickly, but it does not manage to fully recover. The process then stagnates somewhere. Many skin care products also have a good nourishing effect, but this is due to irritating or drying ingredients such as alcohol or fragrances is nullified again.

Look closely at your skin and listen to it and ask yourself what it wants now. Are your products really all mild enough for your sensitive skin. Are there still too many alcohols or fragrances in your routine? Is your skin getting enough moisture? Is your cream too heavy for your skin? Then it makes sense to adjust your skin care a bit. You better imagine one mild minimalist base routine together. You can then easily supplement these with other products if necessary.

Is your skin care already perfect?

It could also be that your skin care is already optimally suited to your skin: Your skin is calmed in the long term because your skin care is working. That's why you can't see any change anymore. And that's good.

No new product would improve your skin because your skin is already getting everything it craves. On the contrary: a fundamental change or omission of the products that are so good for you could even cause you to react sensitively again. Your skin is in a healthy balance. Have fun and keep going.

It's important to recognize when your skin is fine and you don't need more. Find out here why less is usually more when it comes to skin care .

Are your skincare products expired?

If you feel like your skincare used to work well and now it doesn't, it could also be because the products are past their sell-by dates. The durability can be found on every product. Depending on the shelf life of a product there are different types of marking .

Skin care products with potent ingredients lose their effectiveness when the use-by date has passed. Chemical peels , niacinamides , enzymes and other active ingredients then lose their effectiveness. It is not advisable to use a product longer than the best before date. It's a little different than eating. You can usually recognize spoiled food by the changed appearance or you can quickly smell or taste whether it is still edible. You can't see that so easily with cosmetic products. If the product smells or looks very unsightly, it is already much too late. By then, a lot of bacteria and, above all, fungi have already formed, which you cannot perceive with your senses. Your skin could become inflamed. That's why it's better to play it safe and only use your products as long as they have a shelf life. So you can also assume that they are still effective enough and do not cause any unwanted damage to your skin.

soon for you

If you feel like your skincare products aren't working the way they used to, it could be because of the following.

  • Weather, stress, hormones and eating habits have changed your current skin condition for a short time
  • Your skincare formula may have changed. See if the ingredients have changed.
  • Is your skin still missing something? Maybe you have instant effect products that don't help you in the long run
  • Your skin care products still contain irritating substances that could ruin good care
  • Your skin may already be sufficiently cared for and get everything it needs
  • The ingredients in your skincare no longer work because the product has expired

A routine that is tailored to your individual skin needs should soothe your skin in the long term.
Remember: It doesn't take much to achieve this. It should only include the products that your skin is currently demanding. Too much active ingredient can over-irritate your skin and not enough good moisturizing and soothing ingredients could leave it prone to inflammation. Bring your skin into good balance and always listen to their feedback. Because she shows you so clearly when she doesn't like something. She is your best advisor.

If you are fundamentally dissatisfied with your skin care because you would like to use natural cosmetics instead of conventional products, then do not take any radical steps. Ask yourself what is good about your current routine and what is not. Read here what you should pay attention to when switching to natural cosmetics .

How about you: Have you ever had the feeling that a product didn't do what you expected? What do you think it was about?
Lara Schimweg

about the author

Lara Schimweg is the founder of Xeno . She studied sports science and health research and is a trained health worker. Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

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