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Naturally Naked - Plant Fiber Sponge for Sensitive Skin (Twin Pack)


for a lasting mild facial cleansing

  • double pack
  • Washable at 60°C
  • plastic-free


  • from plant fibers

for whom?

  • for every skin type
  • suitable for sensitive skin

Do you have a few flakes here and there on your face that you like to remove with a washcloth? Or is your skin prone to clogged pores due to acne? Maybe you have scaly skin on your body from your keratosis pilaris?

Did you know that daily washing with a cotton washcloth or muslin cloth is tantamount to aggressive mechanical exfoliation? Even if it doesn't feel like sugar-salt or apricot kernel scrubs. A washcloth is too harsh to quickly remove dry scales. Microcracks can appear that you cannot see with the naked eye. These are again entry points for bacteria and lead to inflammation.

Mechanical peeling is also gentle and lasting

How To: In everyday life, sometimes you need a solution for flaky skin. In order not to additionally burden the skin with a new product, you can change your cleansing ritual if necessary. Pick up your cleaner easily with this plant fiber cloth sponge. Naturally Naked is very soft and made in such a way that, unlike konjac sponges and the like, it does not allow micro-cracks to form. With this plant fiber sponge, you can remove excess skin from your face and body and prevent new inflammation when cleaning. Because the sponge is so soft, you can easily control the strength of the scrub by gently squeezing it. Masks can also be easily removed from the skin with this soft sponge.

Plus point sustainability

Unlike other mechanical scrubs or cleansing wipes, you can use this plant fiber sponge over and over again. Naturally Naked is washable at 60 degrees and dries extremely quickly. In contrast to microfiber towels, Naturally Naked is 100% plastic-free. Naturally Naked comes to your home in an advantageous double pack. So you can use one plant fiber sponge at any time while the other is in the machine.

If you want to peel mechanically, then you now know how to peel sustainably and healthily. So: Optimize your cleansing ritual now with Naturally Naked.

Together with the mild cleanser Game Changer , this sponge makes an effective yet gentle facial cleansing pair.

  • Plastic-free: a sustainable alternative to microfiber washcloths
  • 100% plant-based (vegan) - made from cotton and linen fibers
  • Softer than washcloths, cotton towels and Co.
  • Gently removes stubborn make-up in combination with mild cleansing
  • Reusable: washable at 60°C
  • Dries fast
  • Biodegradable

Soak the sponge with water, then remove make-up and cleanser in stroking movements.
Important: The sponge should be nice and wet. Don't rub.

Wash the sponge clean with washing lotion, wring it out and put it somewhere to dry.
Put in the washing machine once a week at 60°C. So you can reuse it for a long time.

without animal suffering

All Xeno products are vegan and no animal testing is supported.

suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding

We do not use any ingredients that could harm you or your child.