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Natural Beauty Experts

The network for make-up artists & make-up artists

For anyone who wants to make their kit more natural

This network is open to make-up artists and make-up artists who want to specialize in more sustainable products such as natural cosmetics and clean beauty - without having to limit themselves when choosing products.
We accompany you on your path as an expert with natural make-up.

your advantages

  • Exchange ideas with other natural beauty experts
  • Technical support from setting up your kit to marketing
  • Learn everything about cosmetic ingredients, product performance, etc.
  • Help on the way to self-employment as a natural beauty expert
  • Live Q&As

I also want to become a natural beauty expert

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You've come to the right place if you've ever asked yourself the following:

  • How do I switch my kit to natural cosmetics or clean beauty? How do I best start? Do I have to change all my products (at once)?
  • As a green make-up artist, where can I find exchanges with like-minded people?
  • What is the difference between natural cosmetics and clean beauty? What should I put attention on?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when it comes to natural cosmetics & clean beauty products that I want to include in my kit? Which ingredients should I pay attention to?
  • Which brands/providers are there in this area?
  • Which natural cosmetics & clean beauty products would also work with my conventional products?
  • How do my customers find me as an organic make-up artist?

Don't have any answers yet? Then you are exactly right here!

No matter what you call yourself: Green Make-up Artist, Organic Make-up Artist, Natural Beauty Coach, Conscious Make-up Artist ... This network is perfect for you.

I also want to become a natural beauty expert

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Who is behind Natural Beauty Experts?

Natural Beauty Experts is an offer from Xeno Naturkosmetik in collaboration with Natural Make Up Artist & Business Coach for bridal stylist Vanessa Bordignon from faceyounista .

Xeno® is a holistic natural cosmetics brand from Hamburg and is aimed primarily at people with sensitive skin or skin problems such as rosacea , acne, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Xeno skin care is based on the natural properties and needs of the skin.

However, we would like you to openly discuss all brands!

Benefit from expert knowledge

Each of us is an expert in our field and we would like to work with you to make this network a platform on which you can not only exchange ideas with each other, but also get our concentrated expert knowledge as added value.


Vanessa Bordignon ( faceyounista )

Natural Make Up Artist & Business Coach

Vanessa is a natural make-up artist & bridal stylist: a professional for a radiant look with natural products.
  • Natural make-up artist
  • Bridal stylist
  • Expert for switching the natural MUA kit
  • Business coach for bridal stylists
  • Business economist
Lara Schimweg

Lara Schimweg (Xeno)

Founder, managing director

Lara studied sports science and health research and is a state-certified health and nursing nurse. Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

  • Product developer at Xeno
  • Skin care expert
  • Ingredients expert
  • Knows the problems of people with sensitive skin
Lukas Böhnlein

Lukas Böhnlein (Xeno)

Co-founder, managing director

Lukas is responsible for strategic marketing and smooth processes at Xeno.

  • years of experience in marketing
  • SEO expert
  • Web development
  • Career in the beauty industry
  • Experience in sales (offline & online)

Why does this platform exist?

We would like to offer a platform for exchange among like-minded natural make-up artists, even if you only use individual products from the natural cosmetics or clean beauty sector and otherwise use conventional products. What is particularly important to us is that there is no purely brand-related exchange here. We want to offer you a network in which you can talk about all products - regardless of the brand.

Completely free from the liver...

Well, does that sound good? Then you too can become a natural beauty expert

Specials in planning

  • Live Q&A with various experts
  • Videos about products and applications
  • Care plans, checklists etc
  • Lots of networking opportunities

Topics Examples

  • Use of natural cosmetics & clean beauty products for long-lasting bridal styling
  • How do I switch my kit to natural beauty products?
  • Ingredients: Performance, effect, tolerability
  • Marketing, SEO, positioning
  • Everything about self-employment and starting a business

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How do I join?

Apply here . We will probably activate you in the next few days.

How much does membership cost?

Membership and exchange in our Natural Beauty Expert network costs you nothing.

However, in the future there will also be really brilliant specials, workshops, workbooks and cool gadgets that you can book for a fee.

Can I also become a member if I (currently) only use conventional products?

If you're thinking about including natural cosmetics and/or clean beauty products in your kit, you're welcome. Even if you don't know how to do it yet or are unsure.

If this is not an option for you, the topics in our network are probably not of interest to you.

Can I also become a member if I am not a make-up artist or make-up artist?

Our network is all about natural beauty for make-up artists and make-up artists. You are also welcome to submit an inquiry if you work in a similar field. We will then decide whether you fit in or not. For everyone else, we recommend our skin care knowledge section .

I also want to become a natural beauty expert

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