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Citric Acid: Citric acid for the right pH value

Posted by Xeno Team on

INCI: Citric Acid

Function: regulates the pH value

Tolerance: very good (in small amounts)

Citric Acid is used in very small amounts to stabilize an acidic pH in skin care products.

A slightly acidic pH between 5 and 6 is very important for healthy skin because it preserves our skin's microbiome and the natural acid mantle that protects us from harmful microorganisms. For this reason, we also advise against soap , because it has a too high (alkaline) pH value. At Xeno, the products have a pH value that is adapted to the skin.

Pure citric acid would act as an extremely powerful exfoliator and be very irritating to the skin. However, in small amounts (as used in skin care products), citric acid is perfectly safe.

Other pH regulators

Sodium Lactate: Salt of lactic acid for pH adjustment

Sodium Hydroxide: Lye for adjusting the pH value of cosmetics

Products with citric acid

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