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Q10 (Ubiquinone): Healthy Aging Active Ingredient

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Öl mit Q10

INCI: Ubiquinone

Effect: Antioxidant, smoothes lines and wrinkles

Tolerability: very good

Q10 is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in human cells and plays an important role in energy production. The older you are, the less Q10 there is in your skin. That's why Q10 or Ubiquinone is also considered an anti-aging active ingredient - we actually call it Healthy Aging . Q10 is used as an active ingredient in cosmetics, but can also be consumed through diet.

Q10 in cosmetics

As an ingredient in cosmetic products, Q10 has been proven to penetrate the upper layer of skin. It reduces the depth of wrinkles .

You can tell whether there is enough Q10 in your skin care product by the yellow color . If your skincare product with Q10 is yellow, it will contain enough Q10 (unless it is colored) so that your skin will have fewer wrinkles and be smoother in the long term.

Xeno Human Glow with Q10
The yellow color of the Q10 can be clearly seen in the Human Glow Universal Serum-Oil from Xeno

Q10 in food

Q10 can be found, for example, in fish, spinach and nuts, but also dietary supplements with Q10. You should not take Ubiquinone at night. Because it is so important for energy production, it has a stimulating effect , similar to caffeine. Your skin will also benefit if you consume Q10 through food.

Products with Q10

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