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Zinc PCA: Why you shouldn't underestimate this ingredient

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Effect: Inhibits acne bacteria, regulates oil production, healthy aging, moisturizing

Tolerance: very good

Zinc PCA is the salt of zinc. It occurs in the skin's natural moisturizing factor . Zinc PCA moisturizes and normalizes oil production when your skin is oily. Zinc PCA is particularly ideal for combination skin and oily skin that tends to "blemishes", pimples or acne. Zinc PCA has been shown to have a strong antimicrobial effect against P. acnes. It inhibits the growth of acne bacteria . Zinc PCA is a promising active ingredient to stop skin aging . It helps in the production of Type 1 collagen, which makes the skin firm. Collagen decreases over the years. The more collagen in the skin, the younger and smoother it looks.

Products with Zinc PCA

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