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FAQ: The most important things about skin care, natural cosmetics and sensitive skin in under 30 minutes

Posted by Xeno Team on
FAQ: Das wichtigste über Hautpflege, Naturkosmetik und empfindliche Haut in unter 30 Minuten

The first "real" episode of the Easy Peasy You Podcast deals with general questions about natural cosmetics, skin care and sensitive skin: what can actually be called natural cosmetics ? What do the natural cosmetics seals mean? What about organic cosmetics and vegan cosmetics? Which skin care products are actually really necessary? And very important: When will there be the first natural cosmetics museum? ;)

If you want to know more about skin health, natural cosmetics and mental health, then take a look at our Easy Peasy You Magazine:

And here is the article about facial oils that was mentioned:

Here you will find tips for switching to natural cosmetics:

Music: Andreas Bohl

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