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Cellulose gum: natural plastic alternative in cosmetic products

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
Cellulose Gum

INCI: Cellulose Gum

Effect/Function: Thickener, moisturizing

Tolerability: very good

Cellulose Gum is a cellulose derivative , a large molecule found in the cell wall of green plants. It moisturizes and is used in cosmetics as a thickener /texturizer. It is a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic thickeners.

Products with cellulose gum

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Lara Schimweg

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Lara Schimweg is the founder of Xeno and develops the skin care products. She studied sports science and health research and is a trained health and nursing nurse. Lara mixed her first cream 20 years ago and is involved in skin care and ingredients . Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

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