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Pentylene Glycol: mild preservative for sensitive skin

Posted by Lara Schimweg on

INCI: Pentylene Glycol

Effect / Function: Moisturizing alcohol, preservative

Tolerance: very good

Pentylene Glycol is a moisturizer for cosmetic products. More specifically, a polyhydric moisturizing alcohol . In contrast to monohydric alcohols, such as ethanol and alcohol, this alcohol does not dry out. This is what makes this substance so interesting for preservation. Monohydric, drying alcohols are often used as a substitute for parabens for preservation, especially in natural cosmetics . Pentylene Glycol has so many advantages. It is very well tolerated and is also tolerated by sensitive skin and people with rosacea . It is completely vegetable and a sustainable alternative for preservation - not only in natural cosmetics.

If the product is preserved with pentylene glycol, it is likely to be advertised that the product does not contain any preservatives. However, these claims are very misleading as Pentylene Glycol has a preservative effect. In addition, the idea arises that preservatives per se are dangerous and harmful. That's not the case. On the contrary, a product that contains water or plant juices should always contain preservatives, otherwise pathogenic bacteria could quickly settle. This would then be really harmful and no longer skin-friendly. As I said, it depends more on how your cosmetics were preserved.

Products with Pentylene Glycol

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