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Protease: Body-like enzyme

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INCI: protease

Effect: splits proteins, flakes off skin

Tolerance: very good

Protease is a protein-splitting enzyme that is also found in the human body. This is why protease is an ideal ingredient for an enzyme peel . Proteases are very well tolerated and are therefore also suitable for very sensitive skin if they do not contain any other aggressive ingredients. They help the skin gently peel off without irritating the skin. Therefore, protease is a better tolerated alternative to the fruit enzyme papain.

Protease works best in combination with the fat-splitting enzyme lipase .

Good to know: Protease occurs in the body itself and is responsible for protein digestion (proteolysis). This enzyme breaks down complex protein molecules. All of this already happens in the stomach: There the food pulp is mixed with the gastric juice, which contains the protease mixture pepsin.

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