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Test your new skin care thoroughly

We know that if you have sensitive skin , it's important to test your skincare routine before changing your routine. That's why you can also buy the Xeno products as minis. This way you can avoid making bad purchases.

Root and Grow - Basis Creme Mini

Root and Grow - base cream

Mini 15ml

Thanks to green tea and squalane, this calm base cream visibly calms skin redness and skin stress without being overwhelming. At the same time, you can easily rebuild your weakened skin microbiome with probiotics.

Root and Grow - Basis Creme Mini

Cozy Cocoon - Rich cream

Mini 15ml

Thanks to green tea, oats and squalane, this rich cream repairs your dry, sore, eczematic skin barrier .

Game Changer

Game Changer - Mild Gel-to-Milk Cleanser

Mini 50ml

After Game Changer, your sensitive dry skin will feel clean and moisturized instead of irritated and dried out - ready for bed as if you had already applied part of your skin care routine.

Sav The Ocean - Squalan aus Zuckerrohr

Save The Ocean - Squalane from sugar cane

Mini 4ml

Save The Ocean leaves your skin smooth and buttery-soft . Did you know that you lose more squalane as you age? With Save The Ocean you can replenish your reserves.

Minimalism - Serum-Roller

Minimalism - Cuperose/Rosacea Serum Roller

Mini 4ml

With the Cuperose/Rosacea - Serum Roller Minimalism you can reduce redness, flushing and Pustules - thanks to the ideal combination of soothing azelain and the phytoactive ingredients horse chestnut, PurPur red algae and cica (tiger grass).

Lean Back - Serum-Gel Mini

Lean Back - Serum Gel

Mini 4ml

Reduce your “blemishes” and redness with this lightweight serum gel. This is ensured by niacinamide in ideal concentrations, green tea and zinc PCA.

Tea Break Essence Mini

Tea Break - Essence

Mini 15ml Coming Soon

Solve acute skin stress with a well-known home remedy. With Tea Break, thanks to the 100% natural phytoactive ingredient - pure organic black tea - you finally have an SOS solution that shows results.

Stay Kind - Reines Enzympeeling

Stay Kind - Pure enzyme peeling

Mini 3g

The most compatible peeling for sensitive skin that shows results. With Stay Kind you finally have smooth, pustule-free and soothed skin.

Bright Head Serum-Spray

Bright Head - Serum Spray

Mini 15ml

Bright Head gives you plump skin and a fresh complexion thanks to hyaluronic acid . Antioxidant plant juices from aloe vera , cucumber and the skin-neutral pH value of 5.5 protect you from external environmental influences.

Effort Less - All in One Mini

Effort Less - All in One

Mini 4ml

For everyone who needs to go to the bathroom quickly in the morning. After Effort Less, your skin feels nourished, soft and glowy and your make-up lasts all day . All the steps of your routine in one bottle: Toner - Essence - Serum - Cream. You'll forget about your skin problem.

Human Glow - Serum-Öl Mini

Human Glow - Priming Serum Oil

Mini 4ml

With Human Glow you get smooth skin and your glow back thanks to Q10. With the unique recipe made from skin-identical squalane, medium-chain fatty acids and vitamins, you can rebuild your skin barrier .