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Xeno Care-up®

Effort Less - All in One - Toner - Essence - Serum - Cream

€54,90 €109,80 100 per  ml

For everyone who needs to go to the bathroom quickly in the morning

After Effort Less, your skin feels nourished, soft and glowy and your make-up lasts all day . All the basic steps of your skin care routine combined in one bottle: Toner - Essence - Serum - Cream. So easy, you'll forget about your skin problem.

This innovative recipe made from rice water and squalane makes your skin buttery-soft and refines the pores . The phytoactive ingredients cica (tiger grass) and black tea soothe your complexion and protect you from environmental stress with antioxidants throughout the day.

Glowing skin, time saved and your makeup stays put all day long - what more could you want?

Good to know : Add Human Glow over Effort Less and simply make your All in One richer.

non-irritating solvent
Rice water
moisturizes, increases skin elasticity, gently lightens hyperpigmentation, nourishes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier
black tea
relieves itching, anti-inflammatory, prevents new infections
Pentylene Glycol
plant-based moisturizer that preserves mildly
Linoleic acid
(obtained from safflower oil), sebum-regulating, anti-inflammatory, strengthens skin barrier, supple skin, inhibits moisture loss, smooths rough and flaky skin
Neutral oil
Caprylic/Capric triglycerides
Skin-identical oil, keeps moisture in the skin
provides moisture, ensures that moisture remains in balance (osmolyte)
Squalane (sugar cane)
Skin-identical oil (obtained from sugar cane), keeps moisture in the skin, smoothes, antioxidant
Reduces redness, soothes, long-term moisture, softens rough, flaky skin, stops allergens from entering, powerful antioxidant, prevents skin aging, prevents UV-induced skin damage, strengthens and repairs
Hydrogenated phosphatidycholine
Hydrogenated phosphatidycholine
Skin-identical DMS emulsifier (derma membrane structure) builds the skin barrier
Tiger grass / Cica
wound healing, alleviates eczema/pimples/burns and scratches, stimulates your own hyaluronic production, reduces redness, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Liquorice root salt
Lightens dark pimple marks, moisturizes, balances sebum production, inhibits inflammation and redness
Probiotics: reduces the growth of bad bacteria, moisturizing
Linolenic acid
balances the fats in the skin, anti-inflammatory
Glyceryl Caprylate
Glyceryl Caprylate
antimicrobial effect, moisturizing, mild preservative
Xanthan gum
Multiple sugars, gelling agents, moisturizing

More about ingredients

Other products have these problems:

  • Typical primers do not care for sensitive skin. The skin feels sealed and the skin dries out.
  • Rich creams ensure that the skin no longer looks dry and tired. But unfortunately, a layer that is too rich quickly leads to heat build-up and inflammation can develop underneath.
  • Concealer and blush suit your skin type, but dry too quickly so you barely have time to blend. The result: pigments that settle into lines, wrinkles and wounds.
  • Too many layers of skin care make beautiful makeup almost impossible. But sensitive skin needs active ingredients and moisture every day to be soothed all day long.

What now?

This is where our new Care-up® comes in:

A few sprays give your skin all the active ingredients and building blocks it needs. Your skin feels free, no sealed skin feeling like with primers or creams that are too rich.

Makeup and skin prep need to be completely rethought for sensitive skin and skin concerns. Effort-Less supplies the skin with active ingredients, prepares it for make-up and cares for the skin in just one step.

  • suitable for all skin types
  • Derma membrane structure
  • non-comedogenic
  • with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents
  • strengthens the skin barrier

Key features

  • healthy make-up base
  • Derma membrane structure builds skin barrier
  • inhibits inflammation and calms
  • Antioxidant protection
  • moisturizes

suitable for

  • for all skin types
  • sensitive/reactive skin
  • Cuperose/rosacea
  • Neurodermatitis

healthy for the skin

  • without essential oils
  • without flower hydrolates
  • without irritating alcohols
  • without dyes
  • builds the skin microbiome
  • moisturizes
  • allergy friendly
  • pH value 5.5 (skin neutral)

good for nature

  • 100% natural cosmetics
  • without silicones
  • without microplastics 🐠
  • without mineral oil
  • without parabens
  • without PEG
  • vegan 🌱
  • without animal testing 🐰

With Effort Less you can intervene in your make-up products and make them healthier and better. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use Effort Less as a base and make skincare the look.
  • Mix it with your makeup: foundation, blush or concealer and make your makeup healthier, more effective and more nourishing.
  • Spray Effort Less on your brushes to help your makeup blend better .
  • Try it out and play with Effort Less and have more fun with make-up again despite skin problems or sensitive skin 

Decide for yourself whether you should apply sunscreen or some make-up afterwards. 

The Care in “Care-up” stands for

  1. Make-up that cares: We understand the term care-up to be a symbiosis of skincare and make-up. Skin care that supports your look and makeup that nourishes your skin, like real skin care (not just a makeup stick or makeup product without active ingredients that claims to build up the skin with fats and oils)
  2. Care for yourself: Take care of yourself, learn good habits and don't let negative things get to you too much.
  3. Care for the others: Do not create social pressure on others. For example, don't claim that you don't wear makeup when you actually have your pimples or redness covered up.

without animal suffering

All Xeno products are vegan and no animal testing is supported.

suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding

We do not use any ingredients that could harm you or your child.