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Phyto Clear - Balancing tea for the skin, herbal blend

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Key features

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in secondary plant substances
  • balancing
  • Gentle wake-up call
  • vegan & gluten free


  • Nana mint
  • lady's mantle
  • Green tea
  • White Silver Needle Tea and others
  • Without flavorings
  • Without dyes
  • Without added sugar

Suitable for support

  • for hormonal pimples and "blemishes"
  • in perioral dermatitis
  • as part of an anti-inflammatory diet

If you often have hormonal pimples, this is often due to the increased androgen level. Elevated androgens (male hormones) are often triggers for more pimples. The best-known male hormone is testosterone. Hormones can get out of balance in both men and women.

Even if you have stopped taking the pill or before and during menstruation, there are increased hormonal fluctuations . During this time, more pimples and “blemishes” sprout. Daily nana mint can reduce androgen levels . That's why you'll find nana mint in Phtyo Clear, our skin balancing tea. In addition to nana mint, there are also bitter substances that feed your intestinal bacteria and ensure a healthy, balanced intestinal microbiome. Because a healthy intestine also has a positive effect on the skin. Despite the many bitter wild herbs, such as dandelion, buckhorn, lady's mantle and centaury, Phyto Clear does not taste bitter.

At the same time, the tea is rich in antioxidants thanks to white silver needle tea and mild gyokuro green tea. Phyto Clear is the ideal gentle pick-me-up in the morning that protects you from oxidative stress.

Time for more balance with a cup of Phyto Clear in the morning.

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  • Green mint
  • Grapevine (grapeberry, vegetable oil)
  • Centaury
  • wild blueberry
  • buckhorn
  • yarrow
  • dandelion
  • lady's mantle herb
  • horsetail herb
  • Japan
  • Gyokuro Kusanagi
  • China White Dragon Silver Needle
May contain traces of nuts and milk .

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You can therefore also use all Xeno ® products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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