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This has never happened before: 20% on Black Friday - Why are there discounts at Xeno now?

Posted by Lukas Böhnlein on
Das gab es noch nie: 20% zum Black Friday - Warum gibt es jetzt doch Rabatte bei Xeno?

This is the Xeno Black Deal

We have a very special campaign for our community this year:

20% on all orders

a surprise for every order over €150

from November 24th to 30th , only via the newsletter

Xeno has never given discounts - why the change now?

We've been thinking for a long time about how we should deal with the topic of Black Friday and discounts, as we also see negative aspects of discounts, such as unnecessary consumption, which puts a strain on the environment and your wallet.

But: We believe it is better if more sustainable and healthy products are purchased. And we trust you to be able to make thoughtful decisions. Buy what you need for yourself and your skin.

And most of all, we want to give something back to you this year

Many from the Xeno community have been there for a long time and provide feedback for product development. This made many products better. They are what you need and deliver real results that we all want.

Many recommend Xeno and our products to loved ones and have been fighting with us for a more sustainable and healthier beauty world for years. We feel it every day: thanks to our community, natural cosmetics is no longer a dusty topic - natural cosmetics can be effective, healthy and innovative. Xeno is natural cosmetics 2.0!

In short: you are the best community we could ask for!

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

We have also had to increase our prices in recent years in order to be able to continue to offer you this quality of products.

And now the time has come for us to give you something back.

By the way, the Black Friday deal is only available via the newsletter because we specifically want to give something back to our community.

So register quickly now.

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Lukas Böhnlein

Lukas Böhnlein

Lukas is co-founder of Xeno . He was a journalist and is responsible for marketing at Xeno, among other things.

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