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Your skincare routine: the order matters

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
With the right order in skin care you protect your skin optimally

It's amazing, with all the different textures and products, no one can see through them anymore.
And you're probably wondering if you really need all these products and how the hell are you using them.
You probably want nothing more than a simple everyday facial care routine where you know exactly: I can't do anything wrong anymore. Then these tips will help you with your next purchase:

Less is often more

First take a deep breath. Because you're right - it really doesn't take much to develop a just good routine. With a mild facial cleanser you do not irritate your skin and free it from sweat and everyday dirt. A cream that is adapted to your skin and a sunscreen that protects you and your skin well.
In short: cleansing - cream - sun protection. That is the basis, the rest is add-on. Here's how to put together a mild, minimalist skincare routine.
Your skin may require special care, extra moisture or other active ingredients depending on its condition or weather conditions. The best thing to do is to choose them carefully. The basis usually always remains.
Isn't it a nice feeling that there won't be so many bottles and jars lying around in your bathroom cabinet in the future?

The order makes the difference

Now you know how many products you need. And now it depends on how you can use the few good products. Because the order is crucial: which product comes first and which last on your skin?

And you know what: it's very easy:
If you're only using one cream, then there isn't much with order.
Do you have sensitive dry skin that you don't want to weigh down too much? Then you can simply layer your products on top of each other. Always start your routine with the most liquid texture and end it with the thickest product.
For example, facial care for dry skin in winter could look like this: moisturizer - cream - sun protection.
If you feel like it, you can do your make-up at the end.

And what to do with the facial oils?

You don't necessarily need face oils, but they can be quite nice. If you want to reap the benefits of facial oils, you can add them over the cream. If it's a light oil that blends well with your skin, it will make your skin glow. Give her that extra bit of care again. It can be an oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Or one that just gives you a little extra fat. Depending on what your skin is currently demanding, you can vary here. So your skin always gets the care it needs.
Many oils differ in the distribution of their fatty acids. Depending on your skin type, you can choose the right facial oil for you.
It is best if your skin is still slightly damp from your cream. So you can use facial oils to lock in moisture naturally. Your skin is protected and nourished overnight. It can regenerate ideally so that you can jump out of bed the next day freshly cared for.
How many products does your skin need to feel good?
And which products do you like to combine with each other?
Write it in the comments and let's share.
Lara Schimweg

about the author

Lara Schimweg is the founder of Xeno . She studied sports science and health research and is a trained health worker. Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

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