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Your skincare routine: the order matters

Posted by Lara Schimweg on

You can layer skin care

The most liquid products always come first. Fatty products come last.

Sunscreen is the last step in your skin care routine

Skin care basics

It doesn't take much to develop a good routine. With a mild facial cleanser you don't irritate your skin and free it from sweat and everyday dirt. A cream that is tailored to your skin and a sunscreen that protects you and your skin well. In short: cleansing - cream - sun protection. This is the basis of a skin care routine, the rest is additional.

Depending on its condition or weather conditions, your skin may require special care, extra moisture or other active ingredients. It's best to choose them specifically. The basis of cleansing, cream and sun protection always remains.

The order makes the difference

The order is important so that the skin care can have an ideal effect. The decisive factor for the success is the texture.

After cleansing your face, always start your routine with the most liquid texture and then add the firmer, richer textures on top. It depends on the fat content and final ingredients. The last step in your skin care routine should always be sunscreen.

In this way, the active ingredients can penetrate the skin well and are not blocked by a layer of oils and fat. Conversely, the fat in the outer layers ensures that moisture and active ingredients are not lost. The sunscreen is not meant to interact with your skin. It serves as the outermost layer to protect against UV rays.

If you feel like it, your make-up comes at the very end.

You probably won't use all of the following products at the same time. But this would be the correct order:

Step 1: Cleaning and washable products

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