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6 Organic and Green Make-Up Artists: Insider tips that I wish I had known earlier

Posted by Esther Aranda Moreno on
Organic Beauty Coach Lena Engel von Vollfairliebt

Organic Beauty Coach Lena Engel from Vollfairliebt

Do you know that feeling when you can't tolerate cosmetic products and you're standing in front of a forest where you can't see far? This is what happened to Esther, the author of this article.

During my pregnancy I was suddenly only able to use water because for some inexplicable reason I couldn't tolerate anything else. I thought . Because Lena Engel from Vollfairliebt showed me in a coaching session what I should pay attention to when it comes to my skin care . As a result, I now have a natural and well-tolerated skin care routine that soothes my skin and reduces redness . This convinced me so much that I now work at the skin care brand that has helped my skin so much during this time.

If you also want to find out what suits you and your skin individually and what is important when switching to natural cosmetics , if you have a lot of questions that you can't necessarily read about in an article, then an (online) cosmetics consultation can be helpful . But that's not all. Maybe you're simply looking for a make-up artist for a specific occasion who specializes in natural cosmetics . So here are a few insider tips in alphabetical order that I wish someone had shared back then. Whether Green Make-Up Artist, Organic Make-Up Artist, Natural Make-Up Artist, Organic Beauty Coach - they all specialize in natural cosmetics .

Green Glow Store

Linda Wäschle: Natural Make - Up Artist & Hairstylist from Balingen

At Linda, in addition to individual skin care advice and coaching for the right organic make-up, you will also find holistic spa pampering treatments and an online shop for natural cosmetics . If you want , Linda can also prepare you for the most beautiful day of your life.

Green influencer

Christine Raab: Organic Make-Up & Hair Artist from Mömbris

Christine has switched her kit to vegan natural cosmetics. The reason for this was her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 , which didn't stop her . Christine also offers individual coaching, whether private or for companies . Christine now also works as a body-mind-soul coach .

Julia Distelrath

mobile event and bridal make-up service in Schalkenbach

Julia creates really great, extravagant looks with clean beauty or natural cosmetics . For her, the performance of the products is very important - and of course the compatibility , because as a qualified natural scientist she has a lot of experience with the ingredients of cosmetic products , their effects, compatibility, allergy potential and environmental compatibility.

Julia will come to you with her mobile event and bridal make-up service if you want . How cool is that actually?! Especially because Julia specializes in event make-up and bridal styling, it is a huge advantage for her customers. She also offers make-up coaching for beginners and advanced users. Julia is also a make - up artist on Instagram. Feel free to stop by her place where you will also find a few product reviews and really great looks to recreate.


Sophia Analytis: Make-Up Artist with Clean Beauty from Berlin

Sophia has been working as a make-up artist for more than 10 years. Her videos on YouTube or Instagram can be really addictive - she's very authentic there, which is refreshing in a world of filters and Photoshop. For Sophia, pregnancy was also the trigger for her switch to natural cosmetics and clean beauty. Sophia has very sensitive skin, very dry skin, rosacea and is prone to acne. That's why she always attaches great importance to well-tolerated cosmetic products with low-irritant ingredients that also sit well on her skin.

Salon Two

Claudia Schaaf: Green Make-Up Artist from Cologne

Claudia runs a cute make-up salon with a store and online shop. It recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. In addition to natural cosmetics without animal testing and make-up brushes, the concept store also contains comics , stationery and home accessories. Claudia provides individual advice on skin care or make - up routines and offers day or evening make-up and bridal styling including hairstyles. If you live in Cologne or are ever there, Salon Zwei is definitely worth a visit. By the way, you can also find Xeno products here ;)

Full fair loves

Lena Engel: Organic Beauty Coach from Stuttgart

Lena is a trained make-up artist and organic beauty coach . She has specialized completely in natural cosmetics. Lena is a social worker and takes care of the “inner beauty”, so to speak. Now, as an organic beauty coach and makeup artist , she also focuses on external beauty . Since her pregnancy , she has dealt a lot with natural cosmetics and ingredients . It is very important for them that the cosmetics are mild and well tolerated . She has a lot in her bag : (online) coaching, workshops , daytime , evening or bridal make - up .

What I find very remarkable about Lena is that she often misuses products and can create a complete (natural) look with just a few products. Here, too, you can tell that Lena lives minimalism and is consciously concerned with our environment and sustainability.


More and more make-up artists and beauty coaches are switching to natural cosmetics or clean beauty. It is often very personal experiences that have led to more and more engagement with the ingredients. It's nice to see that more and more people are concerned about what is good for both the skin and the environment.

With thirty thousand cosmetic products on the market, it is welcome that skin care and make-up advice is available. What experiences have you had? Have you already been coached by one of the make-up artists featured? Or is someone missing from this list? Feel free to write to us.

Feel free to share this list with loved ones who could also be helped by the make-up artists mentioned.

Are you a make-up artist yourself and would like to switch to natural products? Or are you already working as a green make-up artist? Then take a look at our professional platform Natural Beauty Experts , where you can exchange ideas with other experts and get lots of support for your independence.

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