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Gluconolactone: PHA is the most tolerated acid peel

Posted by Lara Schimweg on
Braune Glasflasche mit PHA

INCI: Gluconolactones

Effect: exfoliating, moisturizing, reducing wrinkles, antioxidant

Tolerability: very good

What is PHA?

Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) is an acid that is suitable for exfoliating the skin. The INCI name is Gluconolactone . PHA occurs in our skin and is therefore very well tolerated. Therefore, PHAs are a real alternative to AHAs . They are effective and yet so gentle that they can even be used on very sensitive skin or with rosacea/cuperose and neurodermatitis.

Another advantage of PHAs is that they don't make your skin sensitive to the sun like other acids do. Of course, as always, sun protection is still important.

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PHA effect

Gluconolactone is water-soluble and ensures that old skin flakes are gently removed. PHAs may work a little slower than AHAs, but they deliver comparable results over a longer period of time - and without any side effects!

Gluconolactone also provides moisture and has an antioxidant effect. And as if that wasn't enough, PHAs also stimulate collagen formation

The result? Smoother and thicker skin that is more resilient, has fewer wrinkles and a strengthened skin barrier . So an ideal healthy aging active ingredient.

Products with PHA

Lara Schimweg

Lara Schimweg

Lara is the founder of Xeno and develops the skin care products. She studied sports science and health research and is a trained health and nursing nurse. Lara mixed her first cream 20 years ago and is involved in skin care and ingredients . Lara has rosacea and very sensitive skin.

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