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Acne Awareness Month: All About Acne - Prevention, Active Ingredients, Nutrition...

Posted by Xeno Team on
Akne Awareness Month: Alles über Akne - Prävention, Wirkstoffe, Ernährung...

In this episode of Acne Awareness Month, Lara and Lukas talked about acne and pimples.

Further information on acne:

Facial oils for combination skin and "blemished skin":

Pros and cons of facial oils:

Sun Protection Guide:

Squeeze pimples: With these 7 steps you will get used to pinching:


Active ingredients such as BHA or salicylic acid:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3):

More podcast episodes on pimples and acne

Podcast episode 11 on perioral dermatitis:

Rosacea or Acne?

Skin problems 1: acne, maskne and rosacea:

Mentioned products that are suitable for pimples:

Lean Back - serum gel with niacinamides:

Human Glow - facial oil without unprocessed vegetable oils:

Minimalist - serum roller with a mild azelain derivative:

Music: Andreas Bohl

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