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Skin Problems 1: Acne, Maskne and Rosacea

Posted by Xeno Team on
Hautprobleme 1: Akne, Maskne und Rosazea

In this episode, Lara, Lukas and Jan talked about skin problems. It was about acne, (hormonal) pimples, pimples caused by the mask and rosacea .

You can find more information on the topics discussed here:

Tips to help you avoid popping pimples:

Why is less skin care more: really-more

Fragrances and essential oils:

With these 10 tips you avoid pimples through the mouth-nose mask:

Skin care for rosacea (triggers + tips)

And if you want to know what rosacea looks like with natural cosmetics, we recommend this article:

You can find our sun protection guide for sensitive skin here:

And here in the Easy Peasy You Magazine you will find many more articles about skin care & Co:

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