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Skin problems 2: neurodermatitis, psoriasis and perioral dermatitis

Posted by Xeno Team on
Hautprobleme 2: Neurodermitis, Schuppenflechte und Periorale Dermatitis

In this 5th podcast episode, Lara, Lukas and Jan talk about neurodermatitis, psoriasis and perioral dermatitis .

Here you will find further information

Easy Peasy You Magazine:

If you don't know the first part of this series, then feel free to listen to episode 4:

Do you have dry skin or neurodermatitis? Then these tips might help you so that the skin is less tight after showering: Duschen

Rich cream "Cosy Cocoon" for dry skin

Tolerable facial oil "Human Glow":

Null therapy for perioral dermatitis:

Tips against Maskne:

Music: Andreas Bohl

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