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Game Changer - Mild gel-to-milk cleanser


skin-friendly cleanser

  • Double cleanse and cream effect
  • Microbiome friendly
  • dissolves sunscreen and make-up

Key ingredients

Suitable for cosmetic care treatment

Change your cleanser game: cleanse your skin as it naturally desires

Many facial cleansers give you pimples or deposits? Is your skin tight, flaky or greasy after cleansing? Washing gels, oils, cleansing milk or cleansing balm do not soothe your problematic skin?

This is exactly where Game Changer comes in with a new generation of cleaning :

Why Clean with Game Changer?

Skin naturally does not like to be washed. Everything you wash off, you have to painstakingly apply cream.

You just can't do without cleansing today: For the sake of your skin's health, dirt, sunscreen and make-up should be washed off in the evening with a mild facial cleanser.

Older generation cleansers attack the skin and always remove too much. After that, the skin is more susceptible to stress.

And this is how Game Changer works: With pH skin-neutral facial cleansing (pH value 5.5), very mild sugar surfactants, skin's own fats, probiotics and mild active ingredients, Game Changer gently dissolves make-up, sunscreen and Co annoyed by the constant laundry.

Game Changer is the only natural cleaner on the market that contains no unprocessed vegetable oils. Vitamin F (linoleic acid) has an anti-inflammatory effect. So mild that flare-ups of rosacea and acne are already inhibited during cleansing.

mild facial cleanser without alcohol and perfume

Game Changer dispensed with fragrances such as essential oils or floral water and with drying alcohols such as ethanol and phenoxyethanol, which can stress particularly weakened skin.

Argenine moisturizes and has a wound-healing effect. They also occur naturally in your skin and are part of your skin collagen and skin creatine.

Licorice root reduces pimple marks and hyperpigmentation. Together with green tea, it inhibits emerging inflammation.

Probiotics strengthen your skin microbiome. Lactobacillus ferment has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and reduces redness. Inulin allows good bacteria to multiply better, so bad bacteria are crowded out.

This mild facial cleanser is vegan and 100% natural cosmetics , naturally without parabens and co .

Cleansing gel and cleansing milk for sensitive skin

The viscous cleaning gel is easy to apply. Massage the gel in for about 1 minute to remove make-up and co. With the addition of water, Game Changer becomes a caring cleansing milk for sensitive skin and is easy to wash off.

Older generation cleansers attack the skin and wash away too much. Thanks to the new generation of cleaning, you don't have to keep applying cream with Game Changer. Your skin comes into balance: where there is too much oil, it becomes significantly less and where there is none, the skin is cared for by a protective film, like a light cream.

Ditch harsh cleansers and get a healthy glow with this gentle facial cleanser.


effect / function
Medium chain fatty acids
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides
neutral oil (obtained from coconut, no coconut oil) very well tolerated, does not cause any "blemishes", smoothes the skin, keeps moisture in the skin very well, strengthens the skin barrier
skin's own moisturizer (plant-based)
green tea water
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water (Green Tea)
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Linoleic Acid (Vitamin F)
skin's own fat (obtained from safflower oil), sebum-regulating, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the skin barrier, makes the skin supple, inhibits moisture loss. Linoleic acid is an important component of Cermaid-1, which plays an important role in building the skin barrier and preventing dry dandruff. Smoothes rough skin areas
cucumber water
non-irritating plant hydrolate, moisturizing
Aqua (Water)
non-irritating solvent
Fermentation product of lactic acid bacteria (Vegan)
strengthens the microbiome and reduces bad bacteria, reduces skin sensitivity/redness, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, preserves against fungi and bacteria
Mild natural sugar surfactant
sucrose laurate
does not wash out skin oils and, in combination with the oils, gently removes make-up and sunscreen. Moisturizes and softens the skin. Skin is twice as moist 2 hours after using a cleanser with these mild sugar surfactants
Zinc PCA
Skin's own moisturizer, normalizes sebum production, has an antimicrobial effect - inhibits the growth of acne bacteria, promotes collagen production
important building block of skin collagen, moisturizes, accelerates wound healing
Licorice root salt
anti-inflammatory, moisturizing
linolenic acid
Linolenic Acid
skin's own fat, balances the fats in the skin, anti-inflammatory
Radish Root Ferment
Leuconostoc/ Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
antioxidant, mild preservative
Mild natural sugar surfactant
sucrose palmitate
does not wash out skin oils and, in combination with the oils, gently removes make-up and sunscreen. Moisturizes and softens the skin

More about ingredients


  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • mild sugar surfactants
  • pH 5.5 (skin neutral)
  • soap free
  • "as creamed" effect


  • without SLS or other aggressive surfactants
  • without fragrances
  • without perfume
  • without essential oils
  • without flower hydrosols
  • without irritating alcohols
  • without dyes

From nature, for nature

  • 100% natural cosmetics
  • without parabens
  • without silicones
  • without microplastics
  • without mineral oil
  • without PEG
  • vegan
  • without animal testing

Aluminum is very easy to recycle and therefore a fairly sustainable raw material. Because aluminum doesn't break like glass, you can clean your face in the shower without worrying about breaking shards in the shower. You don't have to worry about aluminum coming off the packaging and ending up in the cleaner.

No, you can easily wash off the facial cleanser with lukewarm water. If you prefer to use a tool, we recommend our Naturally Naked Vegetable Fiber Sponge , which is gentler on skin than other cleaning tools

without animal suffering

All Xeno products are vegan and no animal testing is supported.

suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding

We do not use any ingredients that could harm you or your child.